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Better quotes, more customers

The average customer contacts 3 different window cleaners while trying to hire one.

When you receive a quote request give yourself the best chance to win the job, by giving the customer the best experience.

Stand out from the crowd and win more customers.

Manage unlimited quotes for free
Send customers unlimited emails for free
SMS customers from 2p/message
Easily add to any website
Works on any smartphone or computer

Get all the essential info

Capture all the essential information from your prospective customer. Including address, contact information, services required and type of property.

Customers can return to the quote widget, see the status of their quote, and add any extra information you need.

Get organised

Keep your quotes organised and ensure you convert every quote into a customer. Statuses such as New, Quoted, and Accepted will help you keep track of your quotes.

Reply to customers wherever you are. The customer will receive an SMS and email when you update the quote.

If for any reason you don't want to provide a quote to the customer, you can sell it in the lead marketplace.
Get paid even when you turn away work!

get FABulous

It's important to make it as clear and easy as possible for your website visitors to request a quote - otherwise how will they convert to customers?

One of the most popular design techniques is to use a floating action button - or FAB for short.

Our quote plugin can automatically add a FAB to every page of your website. This means your visitors are never more than a click away from requesting a quote.

Your website, or ours?

Our quote widget is built into our free websites. It's just as easy to add it to any other website.

It's also available as a Wordpress plugin. Search the plugin library for "getSoapy" then click install - the plugin will configure itself automagically.

For any website not running wordpress, the quote and pay widgets can be added via the Javascript library.

getSoapy website

Need a website? Quotes, payments and more are built into every getSoapy website.

Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress website? Install our plugin in seconds to add quotes, payments and more.

Javscript Plugin

Our Javascript plugin can be easily added to any website in a few minutes.


How much does it cost?

Our quoting tools are free. You can receive and respond to an unlimited number of quotes.
You can send unlimited emails for free.
SMS credits can be purchased from 2p.

Will the quote widget work on my website?

Of course. It's super easy to add our quote and payment widgets to any existing website.
You can use the Wordpress or Javascript plugin.

What if I don't have a website?

We've got you covered. Check out our free websites.
Our quotation and payment widgets are built right in so you'll be up and running in no time.

How do I reply to my customers?

You can reply to your customers using our website.
They'll receive an SMS and email to let them know.

Who owns my customer data?

You do, always. We're only keeping it safe for you.

Will this work on my phone or PC?

If you can view this website on your phone or PC then getSoapy will work great.
It's available anywhere with a modern web browser.

Is the data secure?

Data security is our first priority. We only use secure connections for all our websites and apps, and all data is encrypted.
We use UK data centres which are ISO 27001 accredited.

What if I have problems or need support?

We know business can't wait, so all our customers get our best support.
If you ever need it you'll find live chat available right inside the website.

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