Online Advertising for Window Cleaners

The best way to build your window cleaning round

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Our online advertising service is the best way to build your window cleaning round.
Whether you're just starting a window cleaning business or looking to expand your round, this is the perfect way to add customers.

We use search engine advertising to find customers who want a window cleaner in your area.
Leads are taken straight to your website where they request a quote.

Build my round

1. Prepare your website

Add the free getSoapy quote widget to any website in a few minutes.
As well as the fantastic quoting experience, it lets us track which ads perform best for you.

2. Set your budget

Pick from a number of pre-configured campaigns and set your daily budget.

You can adjust your budget or pause your campaigns at any time.

3. Receive enquiries

Sit back, and let the quotes roll in.

You'll get a text and email whenever you receive a quote request.

Powered by Machine Learning

By running thousands of ad campaigns across the country we can harness the power of machine learning to test and refine thousands of ad variations.

This lets us deliver ad campaigns which outperform even the biggest advertising agencies, giving you better results at lower costs.

Your local patch, exclusively

Target new customers in your local area. Target by distance from your address by selecting specific towns or postcode areas.

We never accept multiple window cleaners advertising in the same area at the same time.

Patches are secured on a first-come first-served basis, and kept for as long as you're advertising with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get the leads?

Your advertising will start automatically within minutes of setting your budget. Many window cleaners receive their first lead within a few hours.

Are your leads high quality?

Yes, our leads are all people who just searched for window cleaners in your area.

Can you guarantee I'll get customers?

We can guarantee to take people actively looking for a window cleaner to your website. If we don't you won't be charged a penny.
Turning those leads into customers is up to you.

Do you offer exclusivity in my area?

Yes, as long as you are advertising we won't accept another customer overlapping your target area.

What if I don't have a website?

Not a problem, you can use our free website service to get one set up within minutes.

Am I tied into any contract or spending?

No, you can stop lead generation at any time. We recommend waiting at least a week as it can take some time for the targeting to take effect.

Why are the estimated costs so broad?

There are many factors which will affect how much each lead will cost. For example, how many other adverts are targeting your area on Google, and how well your website converts leads into customers.

How does the pricing work?

Simply set your daily budget and let the campaign run, you can stop it at any time. The budget you set includes a 20% commission to cover the cost of managing and optimising your campaign, the other 80% is spent on Google Ads.
You are only charged when your ads are clicked (Cost Per Click) and leads are taken to your website.

Does commission mean expensive leads are better for you?

No, we have no incentive to deliver more expensive leads. We want to bring you as many leads as we can within your budget so you stay with us.
Many cheaper leads are better than fewer expensive leads for both of us.

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