How to Build a Window Cleaning Round

Posted by getSoapy on 28th May in Building Your Business. Last updated: 2021-05-28

If you're just starting out in the window cleaning business, the first few months can be hard. In this time, you have to build up a portfolio of clients, which can take a lot of effort. However, with some helpful pointers, anyone can succeed in growing their window cleaning business.


There are a few fundamental tools that window cleaners use to drum up business. Possibly the most well-known method is canvassing. Window cleaners have used canvassing for a long time, and it can still be very effective for getting new customers. It's easy to get started with this kind of window cleaning advertising. With a few leaflets or flyers with your business details on, you're ready to start!

This kind of marketing is very targeted, allowing you to focus your efforts on people in your area. The personal touch that comes with canvassing can also make a big difference in helping to persuade people to choose your services. With a face-to-face conversation you can give the potential client a quote there and then that is personalised to the person's house. It is essential you know your pricing so you can give a confident answer to any questions people may have about cost. This will inspire confidence, and show you know your worth.

However, there are some drawbacks to canvassing. Firstly, you are likely to be approaching a lot of people who already use another window cleaner's services. If other local window cleaners become aware of your presence, they may not appreciate you taking clients away from them. A good way to avoid aggrieving other cleaners is to ask the people you approach whether they already use a window cleaner. This will allow you to focus your time on people who are in need of your services. This method of window cleaning advertising can also be very time-consuming. It requires you to take time away from doing paid work in the hope that it will pay off in the long run. Therefore, you need to optimise your time, skipping out areas where other window cleaners work.

Target very specific locations
Build rapport and quote as you go
Can take a lot of time

Referral schemes

Once you've got a few customers, you can think about a referral scheme, allowing your existing customers to bring new clients to you. Encourage your customers to refer friends and family to you by offering discounts or extra services. This will both provide a financial bonus for your customer and show you are dedicated to providing a top-quality service to your existing customers.

While this works best when you already have a solid customer base, this method can quickly increase your client numbers. By incentivising your existing customers to bring you new opportunities, you will also build customer loyalty. After all, gaining new clients is always important for building your round, but so is keeping existing customers happy!

Try printing refer a friend slips on the back of your payment request slips. This prompts your customers to refer a friend and makes it easy for them. You can print these for free using our free print at home templates for window cleaners.

Easy to do during a round
Requires an initial customer base

Lead Generation

A phone showing the getSoapy marketing dashboardAnother way to grow your window cleaning business is through lead generation. Most business owners find they need an online presence to maintain their income stream. Lead generation involves paying a company to advertise your services to potential customers. This could result in them bringing customers straight to you, or they will direct people to your website. From there they can contact you to ask for a quote or for your services.

With very little upfront cost and virtually no time commitment required from you, this can transform your business. Generally, the more you put into this method of building your customer base, the more you will get out of it. With increased awareness comes increased interest, helping you to build your window cleaning round.

However, to make the most of this method you need to ensure you convert leads into new customers. Ensure you follow up on enquiries promptly and communicate well with potential clients. It is also important to keep your website polished and up to date, as this will show people you are professional and capable. Additionally, displaying the services you provide and the prices you charge will ensure that more enquiries are relevant. The greater the number of relevant enquiries, the more genuine customers you will bring on board.

It is important to bear in mind that this method makes it difficult to target specific geographical areas. While advertising your window cleaning services in this way will expose more people to your services, they may not be the right people. When choosing a company to provide a lead generation service for you, ensure they can reach people in your local area. This means having a good understanding of the local demographic, and what services are likely to be most popular.

If you're ready we can help you build your round with digital advertising today.

No time or effort required
No upfront cost
Can build a scattered round

Local Advertising

One of the best ways of building your round is through local advertising. Placing advertisements for your window cleaning services in local publications can expose large numbers of local residents to your business. Many businesses find this very valuable, and you can position yourself as an integral part of the community. This builds your reputation and encourages people to talk to friends and neighbours about you.

Fairly well targeted
Upfront cost with no guarantees

Which is best?

As with any business, you have to let your work do the talking. The number one way of ensuring return business is by exceeding expectations. Even if you are confident a customer would never bother to look for someone else to do the work, give them no reason to go elsewhere! Providing the best quality service you can is a sure way to keep customers coming back, which is essential for building a great window cleaning round.

So, if you have recently started looking for ways to advertise that you offer a window cleaning service, make sure to follow these tips. When applied in isolation, each of these strategies are likely to have varying levels of success. However, when used in combination, they will set you up well for success. Ensure you commit the time and energy that keeping on top of these advertising activities require for the best results. Initially, this may take time and be hard work, but before long, you should have a thriving window cleaning round!

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