Product Updates

Improvements to the quoting widget

Posted by getSoapy on 13th Sep in Product Updates.

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Today we're excited to announce several updates to our quoting widget.

We've added several new fields to help you get the most important information right away. We've also improved the experience for your customers, helping you increasing your conversion rate. Plus, a number of other small improvements.

Quotes now have new frequency options - and maps!

Posted by getSoapy on 18th Aug in Product Updates.

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Today we updated quotes with two changes we think you'll love.

Announcing our new getSoapy WordPress Plugin 🎉

Posted by getSoapy on 8th Jun in Product Updates.

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We're thrilled to announce we now have a WordPress plugin which makes it easier than ever to add the getSoapy Quote and Payment widgets to your WordPress website.

Welcome to getSoapy (and our new blog)

Posted by getSoapy on 15th May in Product Updates.

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Are you a window cleaner? Somewhere between the excitement of picking your very first squeegee and living the dream of running your very own multi-van empire? Great, you've come to the right place.

We're getSoapy, and we believe that the admin side of starting a window cleaning business should be the easiest part. That's why we've made a bunch of tools (and have a bunch more on the way) to help put your business on auto-pilot. We'd like to give you a quick summary of what we've made.