The Lead Marketplace just got even better

grow with the getsoapy marketplace

The getSoapy Lead Marketplace has been the best way to grow your exterior cleaning business since its launch only a year ago.

Today, we're announcing some major updates to make it even better. Here's a quick look at what's new. Read more...

Introducing the FAB

request a quote

We're thrilled to introduce our latest new feature for our quote widget - the Floating Action Button, or FAB for short.

With the FAB on your website your customers will never be more than a click away from requesting a quote. Read more...

Improvements to the quoting widget

quote widget building type bedrooms

Today we're excited to announce several updates to our quoting widget.

We've added several new fields to help you get the most important information right away. We've also improved the experience for your customers, helping you increasing your conversion rate. Plus, a number of other small improvements. Read more...

What image should your window cleaning business project?

man cleans window 500

When you set up your business, it is crucial that you consider how you want people to perceive it. The image your business portrays can make or break it, with a poor image leading to fewer people choosing to use your services. As a professional, it is vital that you ensure that some key traits are shown to your customers through every aspect of your business, including through every communication channel such as social media and face-to-face conversations with your customers. Read more...

Quotes now have new frequency options - and maps!

getsoapy co uk

Today we updated quotes with two changes we think you'll love. Read more...

10 Reasons Online Advertising is Essential for Building Your Window Cleaning Round

breaking bad money drier

So, you’re looking to build your window cleaning round online, but aren’t sure where to start? Nowadays, everyone has a website and social media pages to connect with their customers. To grow your online presence, you really need to harness the power of online advertising! Online advertising could be the catalyst that transforms your window cleaning business into the empire you’ve always dreamed of, and here’s why... Read more...

What customers expect from a Window Cleaner

unhappy customer shouting down a phone jpeg

When starting up a business, a lot of planning is required. It is important to work out how you want to run the business. One of the key elements of this is how you will provide customers with everything they expect from you. Read more...

What Makes a Good Window Cleaners Website

different devices on table

When starting a business, one of the aspects you will need to focus on polishing is your website. A website can really elevate a business, providing a source of information for your customers about what you offer. However, like any aspect of a business, merely the existence of a website will not necessarily benefit your business. Read more...

Announcing our new getSoapy WordPress Plugin 🎉

getsoapy wordpress heart

We're thrilled to announce we now have a WordPress plugin which makes it easier than ever to add the getSoapy Quote and Payment widgets to your WordPress website. Read more...

Why Mobile Payments are the Future

mobile payments

Since mobile phones were first invented, they have changed beyond recognition. Notably, now we can buy almost anything through our mobile phones. More and more people are choosing to make purchases on their mobile phones. Read more...

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