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The best way to build your window cleaning round

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Our online lead generation tool is the best way to build your window cleaning round.
Whether you're just starting a window cleaning business or looking to build up your round, this is the perfect tool.

We use search engine advertising to find customers who want a window cleaner in your area.
Leads are taken straight to your website where they request a quote.

Build my round

Why don't you offer fixed price lead generation?

To offer fixed price lead generation we'd need to charge more for every lead to cover the most expensive ones.
We're almost always able to bring you leads at a much lower cost than a fixed price service.
We think this is a more honest and fair way to charge.

Why are the estimated costs so broad?

There are many factors which will affect how much each lead will cost. For example, how many other adverts are targeting your are on Google, and how well your website converts leads into customers.
See below how we can help with that, too.

How does your pricing work?

You set the budget you want to spend each day. We'll spend up to 80% of that on advertising with Google, who only charge when people click the ads and visit your website. How much Google charges depends on many things, including how many other window cleaners are targeting your area.
We only take our 20% commission pro rata as the budget is used by Google.
This means if you don't get any leads your budget isn't spent and we don't take any commission.

Does commission mean expensive leads are better for you?

No, we have no incentive to deliver more expensive leads. We want to bring you as many leads as we can within your budget so you stay with us.
Many cheaper leads are better than fewer expensive leads for both of us.

Can you guarantee I'll get customers?

We can guarantee to take people actively looking for a window cleaner to your website. If we don't you won't be charged a penny.
We can help turn those leads into customers (see below), but that's mostly up to you.

When will I get the leads?

Your online lead generation will start automatically within minutes of setting your budget. Window cleaners often receive their first lead within a few hours.

Are your leads high quality?

Yes, our leads are all people who just searched for window cleaners in your area.

Do you offer exclusivity in my area?

Yes, as long as you are advertising we won't accept another customer in your area.

What if I don't have a website?

Not a problem, you can use our free website service to get one set up within minutes.

Am I tied into any contract or spending?

No, you can stop lead generation at any time. We recommend waiting at least a week as it can take some time for the targeting to take effect.

Turn window cleaning leads into customers

The worst mistake we see when building a window cleaning round is letting valuable leads go to waste.

To ensure you win every customer we offer a free quoting tool.
This works great for any leads, not just ones from our lead generation.

Let customers request a quote on your website with all the info you need, including name, address, phone number and which services they want.
Reply to your leads wherever you are. Don't miss the chance to win a new customer!

Manage unlimited quotes for free
Take customer details on your website
Respond to customers easily on any phone or PC
SMS customers from 2p each
Unlimited emails for free
See how customers found your website

Convert more leads

A hand holding an mobile phone showing getSoapy window cleaning quoting tool
Do I need to use your quoting tool?

No, you don't need to, but you might get better leads if you do.
We can track which leads requested quotes and this lets us better target our ads.

How do I see and reply to quotes?

You'll see all your leads when you log into our website and you can reply to them there.
Our website is designed for mobiles so you can reply on the go, but it works great on PCs too.

Does the quoting tool manage customers or rounds?

Not at the moment. You are free to use whichever round planning tool you prefer.
We're constantly improving our services and this might be something we offer in the future.

Is the quoting tool actually free? What if I stop paying for leads?

The quoting tool is 100% free to use. The only cost if for sending SMS, which is optional.
You don't need to pay for lead generation or anything else to use our quoting tool.

Does the quoting tool me how to price window cleaning?

No, this is just to help communicate with customers. You have complete control over your pricing.

Accept mobile & card payments

Let's be honest, paying the window cleaner isn't top priority for your customers.
Make it easy for them. Accept mobile and card payments right on your website.

Accept online payments

Accept Apple and Google Pay
Accept credit and debit cards
No setup or monthly costs
Only pay for received payments
Add it to any website

John Scully, Total Window Cleaning

It's not easy building a window cleaning round from scratch.
Online lead Generation with getSoapy has been amazing. It's definitely the best source of window cleaning leads we've ever had.

John Scully, Total Window Cleaning

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