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Take the hassle and cost out of getting paid for your hard work.

Use our free payment widget to add Direct Debit and card payments to your website, then charge customers automatically after each clean. Our payment fees are the lowest around, you could save up to £192 a year compared to GoCardless *.

Prefer to avoid fees completely and get paid by bank transfer? We've got you covered too. Bank reconciliation does the boring work and matches payments to customers automatically.

* Based on 200 charges a month of £20 or more over 12 months.

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Direct Debit
Credit & debit card
Apple & Google Pay
Automatically charge customers
Easily add to any website
Send customers payment links
Automatic receipts for every payment
Automatic bank reconciliation
Hoping customers remember to pay
Tallying up bank transfers
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Introducing the most convenient way for you to manage your customers.

Every job, every message, every payment, every quote. All in one place, all instantly available to you and your customers, and completely secure. Whether you're in the office or on the tools, all your crucial business data is safely stored and always with you.

Keep customers up to date with individual messages, or let an entire round know you're coming tomorrow with one tap. Our powerful but simple templates let you personalise and reuse messages, so you'll never need to retype the same message ever again.

Customer can view all messages, payments and jobs
Two-way messaging from any device
Built and run in the UK for fast, reliable access
Easily add the Customer Portal to any website
Message one customer, one round, or everyone
Let your customers keep themselves updated
Customers guessing when you're next due
Trying to remember who has and hasn't paid

Coming soon

Round management

The simplest, easiest and most convenient way to organise your rounds.

Organise jobs into rounds to easily schedule, message and charge all the customers with a single tap. Rounds are automatically prioritised by the due date of the jobs within them.

Manually order jobs in a round to get them in the perfect sequence. Or - let our adaptive AI plan the perfect route for you.

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Organise jobs into rounds for easy management
Schedule, message and charge entire rounds
Manually order jobs for the perfect route
Automatically order jobs with our powerful AI
Losing track of which jobs are next
Guessing what the best route is each time


Professional website

A simple, powerful and easy to use website to promote your business. Completely free.

Pick from several themes available, add your own logo, choose from a range of colours and fonts, and add your own text and images. Job done.

Set up your website within minutes right from your phone or computer.

getsoapy website on various devices
Multiple themes and customisation options
Fast, reliable, unlimited hosting in the UK
All maintenance, security and updates included
Payments, quotes and Customer Portal built in
Expensive design and set up fees
Monthly hosting or bandwidth fees


Buy and sell leads from other window cleaners to build your perfect round.

Are you ever asked to quote for a property that's outside your area, or for work you don't do? Instead of simply turning that work away, sell it in the getSoapy Marketplace. Make money for literally doing no work!

Buy leads from the Marketplace to build your perfect round.

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Buy leads to build your perfect round
Sell leads that don't suit your round
Let good leads go to waste
Expensive lead generation that doesn't work

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