Wordpress plugin

The getSoapy plugin is available in the wordpress plugin directory.

To install the plugin search log into your wordpress website and search the plugin directory for 'getSoapy', then click install.


There are a number of customisation options available. Goto the getSoapy page under the plugins menu.

Business ID
This identifies your account in getSoapy. You can find this ID be accessing the wordpress help article from within app.getsoapy.co.uk
Hide fields
You may specify a comma separated list of field names to hide.
Fields which can be hidden - availability, frequency, building, bedrooms, and consent.
Override default styles

There are a number of styling options you can specify.

If this is left blank default is use, which is equivalent to x-style="bg-light shadow rounded border p-3"

p-1 to p-5 - higher numbers add more padding.
border adds a border to the widget.
rounded rounds the corners of the widget.
shadow-lg, shadow and shadow-sm add a shadow of different sizes.
bg-light sets a light grey background and bg-white sets a white background.
Disable stylesheets
If you'd prefer to take complete control over the widget styling you can disable loading any getSoapy stylesheets.
This option negates anything set in 'Override default styles'


The plugin includes two short codes:


Show the quote widget


Show the payment widget