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A iPhone showing an example of getsoapy payments screen
A iPhone showing an example of getsoapy payments screen

At getSoapy we want to connect skilled window cleaners with customers who need them.
Whether you're brand new to window cleaning or already well established, lets work together.

Lead Marketplace

Build your perfect round by buying nearby leads. Earn money even when you turn away customers by selling them in the marketplace.

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Buy leads that fit your round
See job details before buying
No commitment or minimum purchase
Get paid for leads you don't want
getsoapy marketplace

A website that wins

Having a good website is essential for building a window cleaning business (or any other business).
It's the first place customer will look to find out about you.

Our website service is completely free and has everything you need build right in.

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Completely free
Quotations & Payments
Search Engine Optimised (SEO)
Superfast UK hosting
Fully managed & maintained
Regular updates
SSL encryption included
A phone showing an example of a getSoapy free window cleaner website

Online Advertising

Our Online Advertising tool is the best way to build your window cleaning round.
Whether you're just starting a window cleaning business or looking to build up your round, this is the perfect tool.

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Works with any budget
Pay as you go (CPC)
No upfront costs or minimum spend
Start receiving leads right away
Typical £6 per new customer
A phone showing the getSoapy ad performance screen

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Online payments

Customers pay faster when you make it easy for them, by accepting mobile and card payments.


Make life easy for yourself and your customers-to-be with a super simple quoting process.


Design payment request slips and advertising fliers you can print at home for free.